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Bio Top Forum: The Way of Pharmaceutical R & D Strategy and ...


Guide: Suzhou suddenly entered into the winter after this autumn rain. Farewell to the second session of the DIA Drug Research and Innovation Conference[Read More]

BioTop Lectures: Creation of industrial environment, develop ...


The 13th Five-Year Plan for bio-medicine development has been basically finished. In accordance with related procedures, [Read More]

BioTop & SCIEX: High-level Seminar of CE Users in Bio-medici ...


As a testing technology boasting high speed, low consumption of samples, high repetition rate and support for automatic operation, [Read More]

BioTop Lectures:Training on Office software II: How to use ...


As one of the widely used office software since PCs are popularized, Excel has become a production tool along the fast information development and plays an important role in the core tasks of various departments. [Read More]

Technology news: BioTop Laboratory passes CNAS review and cl ...


Since being recognized by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) for the first time on August 27, 2010, BioTop Laboratory has been upholding the quality principle of “science, fairness, improvement and satisfaction[Read More]

Technology news: BioTop Laboratory starts to provide disinfe ...


Economic Information Dailysaid, the 13th Five-Year Plan for Bio-Medicine Development (2016) has been made and will be formally issued later this year. At the same time, the bio-medicine industry has started a [Read More]

The 7th Highly Skilled Talent Vocational Skill Competition - ...


The Biological and Chemical Pharmaceutical Technology Competition of the 7th Highly Skilled Talent Vocational Skill Competition, which is jointly co-sponsored by BioTOP and SIP Institute of Service Outsourcing - successfully completed all the experiment operation assessment on June 18, 2016. In line with requirements of the Organizing Committee, the total score of the 10 competition events is publicized from June 28 to 30 (deadline 15:00, June 30). The attached is the total scores of the biochemical competition:[Read More]

BioTOP &GE: 2016 GE Advanced Biotechnology Long March


A variety of new policies have been released in the pharmaceutical industry since 2015, bringing about joys and changes together with opportunities and challenges to this sector. The Biological Analogue R&D and Assessment Technical Guideline released in March 2015 has defined the development directions for the biopharmaceutical in[Read More]

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