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Analysis and Testing

We have more than 40 sets of state-of-the-art instrument, such as LC-MS/MS, GC / GC-MS, HPLC, AA, ICP, IR, UV, etc., in order to provide chemical effective composition analysis, chemical trace analysis, toxic and harmful component analysis and other services .

Physical and Chemical Testing

Conduct more than 60 types of conventional physical and chemical tests according to the regulations of CP, BP / EP, USP, GB, etc., such as content/ impurity analysis by HPLC, purified water test, moisture, ash, loss on dying, acid value, alkali value, saponification value, heavy metal residues, solvent residues etc.


Microbial Testing

According to ISO, Chp2010, we provide microbial limit testing (including Total Aerobic Plate Count, Mould and Yeast, Control bacteria examination),sterility testing and biological testing for clean area(airborne viable particles, depositing bacteria, microorganism on surface) for drugs, food, medical equipments, clean environment and water quality.